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The Data Protection Act is designed to protect the privacy of individuals. It requires any personal information about an individual to be processed securely and confidentially.

At Landywood, this includes information relating to both staff and pupils. When we obtain, store, share, or use personal data, we ensure we do this in a secure manner as personal data is sensitive and private. 

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Below are a list of companies we share our data with.


Teaching & Learning

Classroom Monitor, Commando Joes, Active Learn, Wordsmith, Junior Librarian, Primary Science Quality Mark, Tapestry, Classroom Monitor,  Maths of the Day, Assembly User, Edukit, TT Rockstars, Wonde, Pira & Puma(Mark) & Entrust, Weduc, Mi Move, Numbots. 

Finance & Safeguarding & Communciation

Cpoms, Weduc, School cloud, My Finance, ParentPay, Albion Computers.

School Website &, Social Media

Instagram, SeeSaw, Webanywhere (school website) Facebook school page.